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How to win Gen Z's business: The next generation of luxury

Attract, engage, and retain luxury retailers' most valuable audience

What’s inside?

Retailers in the luxury segment have a new kid on the block who's
making big waves in the industry: Gen Z.

For Gen Zers, the appeal of luxury brands—including in the fashion and apparel industry, beauty and cosmetics, and other personal luxury brands—is growing strong, and they're putting big dollars behind their interest.

But what exactly does Gen Z care about, and how do you market to them successfully?

In this guide, we'll cover everything luxury retailers need to know about
Gen Z, including:

  • Why luxury brands should market to Gen Z consumers
  • Tips for targeting your products to younger audiences
  • How a customer relationship management software like Clientbook can help you engage with Gen Zers 
  • So much more!

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